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Why This 7th Decade Of Independence Of Pakistan Is Divinely Great

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Why This 7th Decade Of Independence Of Pakistan Is Divinely Great, I Think. #MirMak

I think about things that at times leave me thinking more. Words come from worldly formed languages mostly, few are godly sent languages like the ones with divine books but nonetheless mostly they are worldly created sequence of words. Numbers on the other hand are created by Allah SWT. The concept of multiplication through birth subtraction through death addition through friends etc. Numbers are quoted in Quran and Hadith often in Islam. And the one number that represents harmony, peace, Barkat, infinity and prosperity is NUMBER 7.


7 TAWWAF of Kaaba. 7 seas. 7 layers of the sky. 7 DARJAAT of Heaven. 7 days created by Allah in our Lunar calendar. Universe created in 7 days. 70,000 Angels doing TAWWAF of Kaaba mentioned in Sura Tur. Allah loving his people more than the love of 70 mothers. You do a good deed and Allah promises returns of 70 folds. Your TASBEEH with 34 beads that add up to number 7. And the list goes on and on.


Pakistan has entered the decade of 7. And 7 being the number mostly chosen by Allah SWT, it leads me to believe that this decade for pakistan will be the decade of Allah's Rehmat, prosperity, justice and guidance. And all signs point to that. All events are giving hints of betterment. I can not scientifically prove my point but seeing what I see, i.e. The number 7 and its usage by Allah,repeatedly, I am inclined to believe that it's a number of his choice. And we have just entered that chosen number for the next 10 years. And I believe that the next 10 years will be the most prosperous years for pakistan. Insha Allah. Ameen.

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