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When Life Squeezes You. Become A Diamond

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We get squeezed by life everyday. In form of shocks, death of certain expectations, failures, dejection, disappointments, you name it and life squeezes us with. It puts pressure on us, takes away our ability to think, act rationally. The question is not why life squeezes us, the bigger question is that why do we panic when life squeezes us.

The reason we panic when life squeezes us is that we were not prepared for it. We were not prepared to take the pressure. We did not make ourselves into a person with nerves of steel. Life's squeeze does not come on the body first, it comes on the mind. Pressure on the mind leads to physical ailments. So if our mind was prepared then all the rest will be alright. So how does one prepare for the time in advance to combat with life's squeeze because it is the time under pressure when your real character reveals, your character is not tested when everything is going according to your own plan.

To put an apple in the juicer machine and expect orange juice to come out is what we do under pressure. We panic in the situation yet expect matters to be resolved calmly. We expect miracles to happen. We run from pillar to post asking anybody for advice. Yes, anybody. Anybody who does not even have the slightest of idea how to deal with pressures himself. We run to fake religious leaders who tell us that JAADOO HOGAYA HAI or NAZAR LAG GAYEE HAI. And the monent we hear that, we feel justified in not taking an action because we are told that whatever happened to you was beyond your control. How weak is our AQEEDA when it comes to believing in the mercy of Allah. Why would Allah punish you for doing nothing ? Why would he be cruel to let your life be ruined by other peoples' Nazar ? It is the devil who is putting all these thoughts in your mind to make you lazy instead of motivating you to take action.

Prepare for any bad times by practicing positivity before the bad times arrive. Increase your faith in Allah prior to the time when life squeezes you. Learn to remain calm in small difficulties and train your mind to deal with the big ones. Start smiling everyday for no reason until it becomes such a habit that when big difficulties arrive you start to smile purely out of habit. Stop keeping negative company of friends who discuss the smallest of their problems everyday instead of talking about solutions. Get yourself away from negativity before a negative situation arrives. Make yourself into a positive person in advance so you can deal with pressure as and when it arrives. Because arrive it will.

Everybody wants to be a diamond. Every human being wants himself to be one but few realize that becoming a diamond requires going through pressure, getting cut into shape, polished and chiseled,and only then can you turn out to be a diamond. So next time when life puts you under pressure, starts to cut you, shape you, chisel you into perfection, be are in the process of becoming a diamond.

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