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UIT Publicizes Series of Short Evening/Weekend Courses in Association with PanaCloud, CTTC, EDVON, AXON, & Total Network Solutions

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Staying dedicated to its assignment of endorsing education of technology and communicating technical skills to the youngsters, Usman Institute of Technology has opened a series of short weekend / evening courses in teamwork with PanaCloud, EDVON, CTTC, AXON and Total Network Solutions. This announcement was done in Open Session in the university. The CEO of PanaCloud, Mr. Zia Khan held a talk too.

Some of the declared courses include ‘Young Women’s Empowerment Robotics Camp (YWERC’17)’ by Mr. Muhammad Nabeel CEO & Founder EDVON starting April 15, two-module ‘Certified Android, iPhone & Web Developer’ by Mr. Zia Khan, CEO, PanaCloud starting April 16 and A CCNA training session, by Engr. Tehseen Ahmed, CEO, Total Network Solutions, which is now underway at the institute.

Other courses which will start under this string are ‘Skill Development Program 3-D Animations and Graphics’ by Mr. Faisal Khawaja, CEO, AXON, ‘CCNA Industrial, Cyber Security, Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT)’ by Mr. Farrukh Nizami, CEO, CTTC, and ‘Data Center Management & Virtualization’ by Mr. Tariq Ghori Program Manager,Technoid.

“We are pleased to announce this string of affordable weekend and evening short courses for the youth who can prepare themselves for a better and more productive tomorrow,” said Dr. Shoaib Zaidi, Head of Academic Programmes, UIT while sharing his thoughts. “Being a leader in technology education, it’s part of our mission to promote technology and technical education in the country, especially among our youth so we, as a nation, are better prepared to compete in the world while making our lives better through innovation.”

Many courses are designed in a way that they can be studied by expert professionals as well as starting candidates as young as 8th graders who have a desire to learn about new technology. The fee structure is kept low to engage more youngsters with negligible financial burden.

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