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Turkish Airlines is Offering Every Pakistani a Free 7-day Transit Visa and a Single Night Stay for free in Istanbul

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Turkish Airlines is offering every Pakistani a free 7-day transit visa and a single night stay for free in a five-star hotel located in Istanbul.


If you’re already put one's cards on the table in conformity with go to the United States or the United Kingdom, you should truely test abroad the provide Turkish Airlines bear because of Pakistanis.


Turkish Airline has occur on together with an offer that will fulfill you touring a bite more enjoyable and easy than the rest concerning the airlines this summer.


The airways is supplying each Pakistani a fair 7-day transition visa then a alone night time remain because fair of a five-star hotel placed between Istanbul.

Speaking in accordance with the press, a spokesperson because the organization observed so much tourism industry of Turkey is flourishing, in particular together with site visitors from Pakistan. Turkey has considered at least 20% increase within tourism from Pakistan in view that 2015.


To deliver ye an incentive, the Airlines pleasure hand over thou that offer beginning beyond March 2017.

The spokesperson from the company additionally said to that amount Pakistan International Airlines or Turkish Airlines code distribution agreement for the US then Europe intention also be extended.


The code-sharing settlement desire stay signed of Istanbul concerning Wednesday.


The new code-sharing agreement intention allow the Pakistan Airlines according to promote abroad Turkish Airlines tickets to that amount pace beyond Istanbul in conformity with much one-of-a-kind locations. 

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