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The so-called 'Ashiq-e-Rasool' who beat up women

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Today, the FIA told the Islamabad High Court that no credible evidence was found against the five people, including Ahmad Waqass Goraya ,who were accused in cases relating to publishing blasphemous content. We were manhandled by police and beaten by goons belonging to the deadly Tehrik Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah. They threw huge stones at us for supporting 'blasphemers'. I was hit twice. While they consider women unequal as per their brand of Islam, they considered me equal when it came to hitting.
But they stand exposed today. They were lying then, they were lying in the Faizabad dharna and they will again lie in the upcoming election. But they will never have any shame. Will I get justice for being hit by TLYR terrorists? No.


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