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SMART REMOTE control all your connected home devices

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Control all your associated home gadgets with a solitary item like the Smart Remote. It works with in excess of 25,000 gadgets and applications like Apple TV, SONOS, Nest, and Lyft, enabling you to control those items from one remote. The brilliant home craze isn't over — it's simply beginning.

The remote is much sufficiently wise to know when two gadgets are near one another—say, a Philips Hue light by a Sonos—giving you the alternative of flicking between the two arrangements of controls with a swipe. You can even pull it with the goal that pointing at an entryway or a window consequently raises a Uber application for requesting a taxi. Any Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or infrared gadget is perfect.

You can likewise make custom orders that control numerous gadgets in the meantime, turning on a TV, diminishing lights, and turning up the warming to settling comfortable at the same time.

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