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Scam : Shell Petrol Pump Askari 4 Karachi

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A few days ago, a brave lady from Karachi exposed a Shell Petrol Pump at Askari 4, Karachi

We all have sometimes experienced in fraud at different petrol pumps, either they don't give as much petrol as we are being charged, a program by ARY in last year has been broadcast where they shown that how public petrol pumps steel petrol from bikers and charge more money engaging them.


But the myth is still unprevealed. This video is an eye opener where a lady put Hi-Octane in her car and her brand new civic (automatic) car got screwed due to a number of water in hi-octane, This video clearly shows how these people mix a quantity of water in the fuel and we face damages in our vehicles. I think we all should start asking for the consumer rights on every stage with almost every vendor otherwise, it will be happeneing with us all the time

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