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Rescue at Nanga Parbat

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By Tazeen Mohsin

Last night I was stuck on Twitter and Facebook following the rescue of a French lady Elizabeth and Polish man Tomasz who were stuck on Nanga Parbat. A Polish rescue team was sent in to get them. Part of that team were 2 expert climbers (Polish - #Bielecki & #Urubko) who left there own K2 expedition to save them. What followed was an incredible journey of these 2 climbing in -45°C in pitch dark. What on average takes the best climbers 15hrs to cover (in daylight) they broke all records and covered more than 1200Ms in 6hours and reached Elizabeth. Unfortunately they couldnt rescue Tomasz as he was at a higher altitude. 

This rescue restores my faith in humanity. Its such a powerful reminder that there are people out there who will put their own lives in danger to save others even when they don't have to. 

It taught me that irrespective of where we are from we share our humanity and that will always be more powerful and will connect us. 

I realized that when we focus on something bigger than ourselves, we defy all limits and boundaries and make the impossible possible.

And BIGGEST..If we hold on to each other in utter darkness and hopeless times, we all will make it out of it.


P.s: just 1 picture of how crazy #NangaParbat is. Nanga Parbat claimed the lives of 30 climbers before it was summitted. While Everest is the biggest, Nanga Parbat is still more deadly than any other.

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