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Quit When You Are Tired Or Quit When You Have Won

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So many times in my life i wanted to just crawl into a corner and give up on life. So many times that i can not even count. The tougher it got the more i wanted to quit. The more difficult it became the more into oblivion i wanted to go. I have been depressed. I have thought that life was unfair. I have had my share of thoughts of just outright giving up on life. But i did not. Why ?

I was not stronger than any of you. I was not smarter than any of you. I did not have a magical formula that made my pains less painful than yours. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Far from it. I was in a Governmental School the first few years of my life. Yes, The infamous PEELI DEWAAR WALA SCHOOL. Sharfabad Government School. St. Patricks came later in my life. Luxuries came much later. I had the same beginning like most middle class children have. But i had one edge over most others..... And that was my positive attitude. Right from the beginning my mother drilled positivity in my head.

Now most of you might think that, she drilled it into my head and i instantly became a positive person. No. Absolutely no. My mother was not living my life, i was. No matter how much someone teaches you something, it is absolutely up to you to practice it.

There were many a times trying to remain positive, i got lost, i got confused, i was pushed backwards in my thoughts, i got stuck, i had feelings of dejection, i thought many a times that life was not fair and others had a better advantage...yes, i felt all that but i never believed a word of what i was thinking. If life was not fair, i knew i had to carve a fair piece out for myself. If i was being dejected i knew that, it would be only me, who would have to overcome it. If i did not have an advantage i knew that is alright because i would create one for myself. And throughout this journey, i knew one thing, that Allah is on my side.

Remember one thing, no matter how slow you are moving, no matter how difficult your progress is becoming, not matter at what speed you are succeeding, it does not matter because as long as you are not quitting, you are way ahead of the ones who have. The trick to success is not speed, its consistency. Its being positive in the face of negativity. Write your own story of life. Make it so interesting that it becomes more intriguing than fiction. Make it so inspiring that one day, people stop you everywhere and ask you to repeat your story in person. That day is not far away. Quit today or quit when you have won... its your choice.

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