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PIA Has Launched Digital Crew App

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The Pakistan International Airlines(PIA), just launched a Digital Crew app for its crew members. This app packs lots of great features for the cockpit crew of the airline. The app is intended to work as an automated cabin crew flight observation log and information hub.

This app is a big relief for the crew members for the Pakistan International Airlines it cuts down on a number of resources needed to log in their flying hours. The crew members had to carry around large amounts of luggage to be able to log in their flying hours. With the new app, however, all that they will need is a smartphone or tablet with the Digital Crew app installed to log in their flying hours.


That is not the only benefit of the app. It also has features that will allow the crew members carry out other tasks such as filling technical manuals and rosters besides allowing them to receive both online and offline technical support directly to their devices. Owing to the deep integration between the app and the system, the app will allow the crew members to receive and deliver information on a quickly manner. The app even has the capability to allow the crew members to make calculations on the efficiency allowances and the fuel costs.


Currently this app is available for Apple users. Click here!


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