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Pakistan will become a colony of China

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Pakistan will become a colony of China

Has Pakistan come under the influence of China to an extent that it may become a Chinese colony in the near future?

Most importantly, is Pakistan’s sovereignty being undermined by China?

The word colony symbolizes the weakening in power of a country to make sovereign decisions for itself, and it is an absolute subordinate of a hegemonic state. In Pakistan’s case, there seems to be no evidence that China is directly involved in decisions of strategic political importance or decisions that go against our national interest. It may be increasingly active in pursuing a notion of peace in the region, but it does not necessarily mean that it is using a political lobby to make decisions for Pakistan. Despite critics eyeing the rise in Chinese influence in our country suspiciously, CPEC plans on revolutionizing by providing 700,000 domestic jobs, 10,000 MW in hydro energy and an expected 1.1 percent rise in GDP by 2018 alone.

All proposals by the Chinese government pose equal or even greater benefits for Pakistan.

Such examples of international economic cooperation include the European Union, none of whose members are colonies of each other. United States and Mexico’s economic partnership with NAFTA has stipulated Mexico’s economy in the recent years without Mexico submitting to the United States as a colony. If anything, China is determined to stabilize Pakistan economically as well as politically like we have never seen before, and Pakistan needs this support to maintain its strategic importance in the world as an emerging economy as well as a key player in international affairs.

Entering of Chinese businessmen through Gawadar can be dangerous for our local investor or businessmen Pakistan should impose such laws so that only those Chinese will able to enter in Pakistan those who directly or indirectly involved with the CPEC. Moreover today we have seen many Chinese ladies standing near the Sadder market and selling Chinese product like mobile phone which is dangerous in long run.

 “Pak-Cheen Dosti” should be seen as a strategic partnership that upholds strong diplomatic, economic and military relations with Pakistan, and should be welcomed with open hearts as well as open eyes.

 Today it seems like most of the Chinese start buying the properties and shops which appears a question mark on Pakistani culture because today they are coming for the business purpose but with their own culture as well its time for the government to take action otherwise they unable to stop the turning point of Pakistan into Chinese colony. Pakistan needs to establish parliamentary oversight of CPEC and use its strategic ties with China to ensure that the project is streamlined, without Chinese influence spreading into our political decision-making bodies.

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