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Nestle MilkPak Opening Factory Gates to Its Valued Customers!

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Nestle MilkPak in an effort to reveal customers of being absolutely transparent in its production and services of milk, has decided to open factory gates to all its valued customers.


Nestle MilkPak wants its reputed customers to see the international quality processes of how they make and provide tasty, nutritious and safe drinking milk.


“Our Milk is Absolutely Safe!” says Nestle MilkPak in one of its post on the official MilkPak page.


A recent controversy stirred circling tetra pack milk owing to the proclamation of a report by PCSIR which stated that the packed milk is unsafe for consumption by humans because of presence of different harmful chemicals.


This led to majority of onlookers questioning top brands about the genuineness of the product they consume daily. The organization aims to see this act as promissory and a way to bridge the waning trust in customers.



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