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Last Minute Outfits For The Occasion..... What did I choose?

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Last Minute Outfits For The Occasion...

What did I choose?

My collection has grown and grown, and so have my tastes in jewellery. I’m still a silver girl through and through, but I now love to dabble with so many styles and shapes of necklaces as well as earrings and rings. 
Necklaces were my priority, as I had never seen anything like this before. I wanted to create a layered look with two necklaces; one pendant and one a touch shorter around the neckline. Layered necklaces is a trend you will be seeing a lot more this coming season, so I definitely wanted to play around with the style and I cannot wait to wear it for the Spring/Summer.


here are stylish extra-large charms in sterling silver, star signs, letters, symbols and a stunning assortment of new chains. Mixing a beautiful turquoise stone ring with a multi-coloured, delicate feather bracelet from the existing collections, to perfectly match the new Generation charms.I hope you love that one because the possibilities for personalisation are endless and exciting. The idea is to choose the charms you love the most, select a style and length of necklace and create your own unique jewellery set. And honestly, I had so much fun selecting mine.When you style up your necklace, you can decide who you want to be that day, what style you want to wear and what message you hope to convey, by mixing up your charms and the style of necklace you wear on a given day!
I cannot wait to see what you might choose too! Be sure to tag me if you do purchase some of the charms and styles for yourself. 

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