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Karachi City

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Karachi is one of the top largest city in the world, unfortunately, the whole city never been developed under any proper planning like water supply, severage system or other logistic matters. This city is amazing, it has a great weather all over the year and people are from everywhere across Pakistan. Due to a metropolitan city, the magic of environment & behavior of people living in Karachi is amazing. No Karachite can live anywhere else but Karachi.

I use to meet people in Islamabad & Lahore who spent their span of life in Karachi, they all miss to live here as the liveliness & a night life for family environment is something matchless. Unfortunately, we are facing some huge issues at the sea side as nobody has hardly noticed that the severage goes to the sea at sea view from start till end. The color of water became black and it smells like shit.

Even though, people love it and we see thousands of people on Sea View beach area everyday. The city life is very hectic, the load of traffic, people going crazy to reach faster and life became a machine. But still we love Karachi

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