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Joint: Moos 'n' Clucks

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This place is a new entrant. As much as we were excited to try it a month back, out first visit was a big disappointment with respect to food specifically (that I complained on-site and on their passage about, too). Later on different food pages I kept observing reviews both positive and negative (majority negative) about subject eatery.

After my complaint back then, eatery approached me, apologized and offered a complimentary burger of my choice upon my next visit that I turned down immediately.

Last night, I ate out somewhere near this place (won't disclose), and on my way back home, out of curiosity, I thought to visit the moos n clucks counter and make an impromptu claim and see how they behave with me as a customer.

I did so. The counter guy (prolly the owner) gave a welcoming smile and only humbly asked to show the message I received from them. Once shown, he asked me in detail my exact experience. I gave him feedback with all the areas the food needs improvement in, in depth. When I finished, he apologized once more and offered me two complimentary burgers instead of one, of my choice from the menu. (The bill generated was on the house but I still took its picture as a proof for the Paid-review-labelling awam. Pic attached)

No I didn't eat those burgers (won't disclose what I did with them) since mufta wasn't my concern, rather checking their customer service was. I'm sure, it must have been prepared with extra care and I'm sure whoever ate it would have loved it.

What I found is that this eatery sure is concerned about keeping a service check and accepts their screwups humbly. So in case you visit this place (or any place you eat out at)(new or old) and don't find your food upto the mark, I'd strongly recommend you to approach the counter guy and get it replaced rather than eating whole of it and keeping the pictures to bash them later. And instead of complaining, give them genuine feedback on what exactly you didn't like and what could have made it a better experience, rather than comparing them with their neighbour competitors.

Yes do come and bash 'em here, only if you find them unwelcoming, unaccepting and shrewd. Be someone who they remember in good books for "being authentic" and they'll never disappoint you , rather would go extra miles to make you happy. This is the least they deserve. Trust me it's not easy to run an eatery.

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