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Injecting yourself for Body Building

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We all need a good physic and a good health. People are very conscious about their health and very much specific about their healthy food, it is really very important to take healthy food with a proper vitamins take on our daily routine.

Most of the people have no idea what they are doing with their health, recently we have seen an incident in Pakistan where a young guy died due to taken wrong supplements by his coach in a gym. Specially, when it comes to the body building, people are crazy about seeing their body results in a very short time. We all are observing six pack heroes in the movies and we keep inspire a lot.


Simultaneously, taking steroids, vitamin & weight gaining supplements and specially injecting yourself is very dangerous. In this video we can see how a person has injected himself and everything with his body went completely wrong.

We all have to eat healthy food have some exercise and a walk of few kilometres on daily basis so that we can avoid any severe diseased in our life. Body building and gaining weight can cause a lot of problems and generate a lot of fat in our body.

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