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Importance Of Positive Minded People In Your Life

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Going to a guava tree and waiting for it to drop sweet mangoes is the same as surrounding yourself with negative minded, negatively talking people and expecting yourself to succeed in life. The most important thing in the equation of success is the protection of your mind and its thoughts. YES...I said protection. Its the same concept as raising a child. Unless you protect the child from harm, evils, diseases etc, the child will die. No matter how great your plans are for that child, if the child is no longer in your life..your plans are not achievable. So what is more important, the safety of the child first or your plans for that child..?

Now apply the same concept to your plans and consider your mind as a child. The only difference will be that your mind is more powerful than your child. Here, you are depending on your were not depending on that child. Unless your mind is free of negative people's contamination through words and actions, you will never be able to succeed.

Feel no shame throwing negative people out of your life. None whatsoever because one has to remove the dirt from ones life in order to make room for goodness to come in. And once you surround yourself with positive people, you will begin to see the change in your life because positive people bring positive feelings And positive vibes in your life and positive vibes bring positive changes in your personality and in your thought process. And a positively thinking mind can beat every situation. A positive minded person attracts more positiveness. Its like a domino effect. Once you begin your journey onto a positive path and stay on it with discipline you will see a transformation in your life because Allah will come into your life. Allah does not support MAAYOOS people. Negative people. Whining and complaining people. Discouraging and jealous people.

As social as i am, at times i live such an isolated life. I cut myself off from the world if i find that negative people or negative surroundings are creeping into my life. I protect my positivity like i protect my IMAAN.

Dont be afraid to be alone at times in order to protect yourself from negative people. Being alone and feeling lonely are two different things. You can never feel lonely if you like the person that you are alone with. Yourself. You would rather be with a positive minded and successful self than to be with negative minded pessimistic crowd going nowhere in life.

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