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Husband caught red-handed by his wife at Tariq Road

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In Pakistan, things are really going to change, wives are always concerened aout their husbands and keep tracking of every step including mobile phones, social media profiles. Wives in Pakistani cluture are seems to be insecure from their husbands and they regularly check them on every steps. It has been mainly seen that girlfriends or boyfriends actually came on spot to see who is cheating on.


Recently, in a local fast food restaurant of Karachi, McDonalds at Tariq Road, a wife raid on her husband and caught her red-handed. This video shows a fight between to women. The situation like this is really embarresed for everyone. We are living in a society where we follow Islamic ethics but fortunately due to the technology, things are really going fast and these kind of incidents can be handled through vigilant wives.


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