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How almonds makes our Brain stronger?

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As our ancestors have said, “Eat almonds and grow your brain healthier and stronger.” But how? What are the nutrients that make it so? Is it even true?

Almonds contain a rich amount of nutrients including carbohydrates, fibers, and proteins (in vast amount). Almonds also contain cholesterol but the good one. Cholesterol that almond contains helps to suppress bad cholesterol in our body, which helps body to work properly. But what is the connection of almonds with brain? Basically, almonds have proteins along with some vitamins that assist brain cells to function properly, which ultimately boost or increase our memory.

A single almond contains 1.2g of cholesterol. Taking 5-7 almonds per day can be effective. The best way to intake almond is by soaking it overnight in water so that the skin of almond can easily get removed, because almond skin contain some agent that slows down the process of absorption of nutrients in our body. So, by removing it the process gets faster.

Thus, almonds are beneficial and make our brain along with other body organs healthier and stronger, and it can be taken by individuals of all age group, from a child to an old aged person.

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