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Half of your illness are due to unhealthy diet

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It is evident that a lot of people eat their health by eating unhealthy food. this habit is mostly found in youth as well as working class.many experts believe that this can be overcome by eating homemade food and everyday exercise.

Living a healthy life is one of the blessing. We, due to lack of time availability & a fast life, can't afford to focus on our diet specifically the excersice, people in Pakistan have an hectic routine, lots of travel, loads of traffic and less time for themselves. Due to over load of work, stress & unhealthy diet can cause some serious issues in health. I personally live in Karachi and manage to see people around me. Our friends, coleagues are rapidly eating unhealthy food and can't get time to even walk for half a mile daily. We prefer to move on vehicles for even going to a short distance to the nearest market.

I use to cook daily for my husband he always take care that he eats it timely, we prefer a healthy food, it is economical and keep us healthy too.


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