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 It’s  time for LG to occupy the technical market by introducing this incredibly  amazing phone in the future, called as “DRONE PHONE" . It actually flies, and will never leave you.
It is designed to really connect and capture your every moment.
It works handy when you will be in middle of an action like:

  • Driving

  • Cooking  

  • Bungee jumping

  • Swimming  

Or any other way where you really wanted the moment to be captured.

However  the LG DRONE PHONPHONE has list  of modes that will surprise you

  • Flying face time mode

  • Moving theater movie mode

  • 360 extreme  mode

  • Top surround mode  

  • Night safety mode

These are the incredible  key features that will boil the thurst of smart phone lovers
The one additional feature for bed lovers ……i.e . When you go to bed and doesn’t  want to getup and charge  , here you can instruct  it to get charged. It will automatically  go to charging  pad
Isn’t  this all amazing!!!

Well then get in the line of waiting for the LG to introduce “DRONE PHONE”

Its full application can be seen it the link below.

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