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Edit Wordpress Themes Easily With Some Tools

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You Can Edit Wordpress Themes Easily With Some Tools

Every theme needs some customization and you make certain changes or modification in it to look as you want. I personally use some tools for editing. You don't need to be a good developer or coder to make small editing. These tools are good for a beginner as well as experienced person.

1. What To Edit ?

In frontend, changes have to be made. Now, we have to determine how was it coded in backend.

To do that, you either view Page Source (CTRL+U) or use  inspect elements. Browser will show you the code responsible for the selected appearance.




2. Where to Edit

Now, you have the code which has to be modified but you don't know in which file it is coded. If it has occurrence like “Logo”, it would be surely in header.php.

For those people, who have beginner understanding about WordPress themes architechure, it will be easy to guess but with some themes, things get much complicated.

I recommend a tool which can look for text string in multiple text files from a folder, called FileSeek. Enter the code you are looking for in query and specify folder path where theme files are saved.



3. How to Edit


 Notepad can edit but we are with codes so, a best Code editor is recommended. I prefer Sublime for the purpose which has color markups and good interface with good navigation features



That’s it. Now you require is creative mind and luck so that you don’t mess with this.

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