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Dr. Essa Laboratory – Serving with Sincerity

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Dr. Essa Laboratory is one of the biggest laboratory and diagnostic setup in the country. Originating in 1987, the laboratory has earned an immensely great credibility amid clients owing to state-of-the-art services by providing accurate and fast results from the last 28 years.


Dr. Essa Laboratory was founded by Prof. Dr. Essa M. Abdullah. His dedication, attention to detail, seriousness to patients and most importantly the wealth of knowledge he had, brought him medical popularity in a very short span of time. He has a phenomenal teaching experience of more than 47 years in 4 different countries.


The laboratory and diagnostic centre is a Centre of Excellence in providing reliable Clinical Laboratory and Diagnostic Services. Its clients are patients, physicians, hospitals, companies and institutions, R&D institutions that defines the limitless sphere in which the practitioners of Dr Essa work.


The laboratory and diagnostic centre pledges to continually provide clients a wide range of testing services which meets international quality standards, as an ISO 9001:2008. The proficient staff makes sure that the requirements of each client is met to the fullest by using latest technology for test reports.


In addition to this, laboratory test results are used by healthcare professionals to accurately assess the needs of individuals for identifying effective treatments. If a patient is bedridden, their phlebotomist comes to the house on request for treatment. Moving over to the testing process, from collection to reporting, the goal of the laboratory is to deliver caring, compassionate and quality service that contributes to improved patient care.


Dr. Essa Laboratories has on board over 50 valued and satisfied Corporate clients to which affordable, convenient and quality laboratory services are provided. The laboratory is a winner of multiple consumer choice awards too.



Ultrasound Services


The sonologists at Dr. Essa Laboratory are experts at full body examinations. They offer same day exams and extended routine hours. Even the results are reported the same day.


Interventional Radiology


The laboratory offers guided interventional procedures by certified radiologists and pathologists including thyroid biopsies, breast biopsies, soft tissue biopsies, cyst aspirations and liver biopsies.


X-Ray Services


The laboratory has highly trained radiographic technologists which perform x-ray examination with efficiency, image quality and patient care.


MRI & CT Scan Services


Dr. Essa Laboratory has the latest full body MRI (Open Magnet) and CT scan (Multi Slice) machines. The best thing is that the laboratories are one of the few in the city to offer walk-in CT appointments.




This department is under the guidance of Dr. Essa M Abdullah and is famous in both professional and patient circles. Owing to this, the laboratory is credited for giving quick C/S results in only 48 hours.


Immunology & Serology

The department Immunology & Serology provides different serological tests including Typhidot, ICT Falciparum Malaria, Dengue Rapid Antigen Detection test, ICT Mycobacteria, Flex pack Helicobacter Pylori Antibodies, Anti CCP, Vitamin D3, Troponin I and T, etc. Our Lab also conducts PCR HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C available on Real Time Automated Machine, Electrophoresis and other specialized tests.



The laboratory has a renowned histopathology centre in Karachi. It has qualified MRCPath, FRCPath, MCPS & FCPS staff consultants who conduct FNAC’s and Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsies in our facility.


Molecular Pathology

The molecular pathology is focused towards testing virology in serum and various body fluids of patients, where targeted DNA / RNA even be in very minute quantities. The detection of even lesser quantities of DNA / RNA is one of the key features of the highly sensitive analyzers they use like Cobas Ampliprep and Cobas Taqman 48.


Clinical Biochemistry

This department is focused towards providing analysis to teaching and quality control. The work comprises of:

  • Taking blood samples in the outpatient clinic
  • Analyzing blood, serum and plasma, hormone and urine
  • Analyses of material from other hospitals, collection centres, research units
  • Preparing production statistics
  • Testing and data handling of results for research projects
  • Internal and external Quality control and assurance



The department runs a diagnostic Hematology service which is a rapid access facility for new and follow-up patients. This includes testing and advice on different Hematological conditions.


Corporate Social Responsibility

This department deals with the commitment of the laboratory being a socially responsible organization. This is done through different activities including awareness camps, vaccination camps, charitable activities and sports.


Research & Continuing Medical Education

This department conducts different studies to test new antibiotics and drugs for Pharmaceutical Companies. It also provides different research projects for MD’s, M. Phil’s, MCPS, FCPS, M.S and PhD’s.



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