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Technology is supposed to make us more associated and socialize. We can stay in touch with our friends/ loved one all the time on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, but are the question is our smartphones really getting in the way of real socializing? Could technology make us isolated?

The answer is Yes, If we talk about three days ago, the sentiment hit a nerve of many people we can see in hundreds of comments, people talked about how often technology was intruding in their relationships.  In this era, it is near impossible to do anything without the use of technology. As technology helps in paying our any kind of bills, we can manage our bank accounts and we also do chat with a customer service representative all with the use of our smartphone.

According to the recent research, people are feeling more alone than ever, moreover, the researchers reported the people who feel most alone are the young generation under 35 years who are having the most profilic social network. Another research reported that 48% people have a long friendship list but they are only disclosed to only a few people. So, people built a relationship but this relationship is creating a gap between the relationships of people. People are staying in touch but they are actually alone they have friends but they do not have real friends to share their real feeling. Actually, this feeling of alone is commonly known as "FOMO" –– short for "fear of missing out." Because they believe that if they won’t check their FB, Twitter for one day even for 10 minutes they think that they are missing out. People check their smartphone to compare their life with others. 

The thing is people are conscious to know what is going on in other person life they hardly call their friends they share the post, like the post comment on the post but they never talk, instead of talking they depend on the technology, they become addicted to our smartphone or different media sites. Not only young person busy in our phones but nowadays if we see around kids also very busy in using technology for entertainment purpose instead of playing with toys. The question is, parents really want their children to grow up like this?

The high use of technology cause communication gap, we are forgetting our communication skill, we sit together but actually, we are busy in using our smartphone. It’s time for changing our self by accepting our mistake and next time when we sit together with family or dinner ignore your smartphone and talk with them enjoy the company with your friend and your loved one do not let the technology destroy your relationship. It makes your life happier and eliminates the communication gap, which is helpful to make the relationship stronger and stronger.

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