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Do you get the feeling of Déjà vu

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Déjà vu is a French word which means “Already seen”. In this condition a person go through with very familiar things which he or she thought that they had already experienced it before. Like you visit a place where you never went before but suddenly you realize that you have had already been there before, so this is what déjà vu is all about.

 WHAT CAUSES Déjà vu???

Déjà vu can be experienced by anyone at anytime, now I will tell you some of the reason why one experience déjà vu, the reason behind this, are:

  • You have been went place like that before
  • You are very fond of travelling and you travels a lot
  • You are suffering from temporal lobe epilepsy. It is a type of epilepsy that handles the short term memory in the brain

Benefits of déjà vu:

Now you must be thinking that do déjà vu has any benefits, so guys the answer is yes, because having déjà vu is a symbol of healthy mind and from the research it is concluded that the person who experienced déjà vu are considered to be the better than those who not experienced it.


One of the most interesting fact about déjà vu is that, it mostly occur in youngster and this category fall in the range of the age between 15 to 25 years of age the reason behind this is that older people with regarding to age they have more memories than the young and thus they are fail to differentiate between the real memory and familiar memory whereas, young one can easily detect that.

Way to overcome déjà vu:

Distract yourself from this feeling by;

  • Count to ten
  • Rub your fingers together
  • Reduce use of drugs
  • Avoid stress

So, these are some tips to reduce the feeling of déjà vu, if you also have some then surely acknowledge me as well, I hope you guys found it helpful J

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