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Crypto Exchanges Will Outdo Stock Exchanges In A Few Years

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Imagine a world where 220,000 new accounts are opened in one day at an exchange. Imagine a world where 7 billion people have access to a stock and can create liquidity for the shares sitting anywhere in the world. Imagine a world where no brokerage house has any control over any stock or its research or its liquidity but the investors do. Imagine a world where you buy or sell a stock and it settles within seconds instead of 3 days and you have access to your money within seconds. No need to imagine all this anymore, all of the above mentioned things are a fact already.

No longer will this world of finance be controlled by a few. A common investor will be in control of his funds. Stock brokers will vanish into thin air. You will have no intermediaries, stock brokers or traders or advisors. ICO Tokens will replace the words, STOCKS or SHARES. Companies will trade their utility tokens on world crypto exchanges. People in Pakistan will be able to buy shares or tokens of any country in the world and vice versa.

No lengthy processes. No long applications to fill. No worries about transfer of funds. All the investors will have WALLETS not brokerage accounts.

Stock exchanges will lose their monopoly. There will be no foreign investors anywhere because it will be global crypto exchanges and all investors will be like a family. All transactions will be verified through BlockChain and nobody will be able to cheat anyone. You would not even be able to hide your performance record from 50 years ago because millions of new blocks would have verified your lies or your good performance.

Get ready, this world of finance has changed. We will not need stock exchanges in 15 years, maybe earlier. Much earlier. Shares will trade on crypto exchanges along with tokens and crypto currencies. IBM. COCA COLA. AMAZON. APPLE you name it and they will trade and settle on BlockChain based exchanges. You will be able to trade and settle stocks from 194 countries within seconds sitting anywhere in the world. Imagine the liquidity. Imagine the power of global investors becoming one. It’s coming in my view. It’s almost here. Are you ready ?

P.S. This article is not about crypto currencies. I do not like crypto currencies. This article is about UTILITY TOKENS based on crypto exchanges through the process of an ICO. Google these terms please.

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