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Continuing To Suffer Is A Choice. Choose To Succeed

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When it comes to emotional strength, the only thing that takes away from our ability to overcome our suffering is the choice we make to hang on to the suffering. Sometimes we are too afraid to bear the pain and face the process of overcoming our suffering or sometimes we straight out refuse to believe that it happened to us and we continue talking about it, thinking about it, making ourselves into a victim in our own mind and in front of the world. Whatever the case may be, a person who is afraid of facing his suffering his already suffering...from the fear of facing his suffering.

it is so easy to hold on to events and incidents that brought you the suffering. But its a choice. If you want to hold on to it or if you want to overcome it and move on. In both cases the decision is yours. You making a choice to face your suffering does not make it any easier but it definitely does one thing, it increases your chances to beat your pain and come out victorious. If you are living, chances are that you will suffer. Suffer from a heartbreak, suffer financially, suffer emotionally, suffer from your relationships, suffer from the cruelty of other people, and mostly, suffer from not having your expectations met. And all these sufferings will slowly and slowly turn you into a NEGATIVE person unless you do two things. One, realize that to live is to suffer. And two, if you have to suffer, then decide to get over this hurdle the quickest way possible and the quickest way is to keep a smile on your face, keep a positive attitude in your mind and never discuss your suffering with anyone, even your own self when you are alone. The more you think about your suffering the more it reminds you that you are affected. Instead, think about solutions, Albeit if you can not come up with the solutions at first. Keep your focus on finding the solutions, Keep your focus on being a positive person. Keep your focus on keeping your faith in Allah strong. These are the only choices you have and if you exercise these choices, i can not say that your suffering will go away immediately but i can guarantee you that it will not feel like suffering anymore. It would feel like a phase that you are going through and we all know that phases come in our lives to PASS, not to stay.

Just like countries have borders. Human minds have created borders for themselves as well. We put imaginary borders that we do not cross. Sometimes we do not even go near them, forget about crossing. Pain and suffering has a border as well. We see suffering from far away and we avoid it. Without suffering nothing great can ever be achieved. This fearful border between yourself and pain and suffering is the line where boys get separated from men. This is the imaginary line where the ones who cross it with a smile keep smiling their entire lives. This is the line where heroes are created at. This is the line where you fly off from into the skies of success. This is the line where your faith in Allah being next to you is tested. Cross that line with a smile. Because it will take you to your destination. Stop living in fears because living in a fearful state is actually the real suffering.

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