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Characters copied by DC from Marvel

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Sometimes many people say that marvel copied DC characters to increase their Universe But what about characters and the concepts that went the other way? 
Here are a few DC Comics heroes and villains that are copied or you can say looks familiar to us…because they were once Marvel characters first.

Guardian (1942) vs. Captain America (1941)



Bumblebee (1976) vs. the Wasp (1963)



Aquaman (1941) vs. Sub-Mariner (1939)



Black Racer (1971) vs. Silver Surfer (1966)



New Teen Titans (1980) vs. Uncanny X-Men (1975)



H.I.V.E. (1980) vs. A.I.M. (1966)



Kobra (1976) vs. Hydra (1965)



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