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Regardless of whether you guard your cell phone in your pocket or wallets, it's still in danger for getting spilling information to cheats or getting a virus. Programmers don't require physical access to your telephone to take your own data or contaminate the gadget with malware. They enter your telephone with honest looking applications or connection to it through unsecured Wi-Fi systems. You can shield programmers from getting the information of your phone by finding a way to secure your cell phone.

Here are some ways to secure your phone from hacking:

  1. Keep your phone lock, if you are not using it. Secure you phone with a strong password, a pattern, or your finger print which anyone cannot guess.
  2. Activate the capability of your phone’s tracker, so that if it is stolen or lost you can track it.
  3. Refresh your smartphone’s firmware to the latest version.
  4. Check an application's privacy policy. On the off chance that an application demands access to your own data, don't introduce it or deny the demand.
  5. Introduce applications on your smartphone just on the off chance that they originate from a source that is confidential, for example, the maker's application store.
  6. Do not leave your phone alone in public areas, like in offices and hotels. In a case if you leave it, make sure that it is locked.
  7. Erase instant messages from anonymous senders that request your data, and prevent yourself from clicking the links in messages.
  8. Use safe Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi systems that aren't secure enable close-by programmers to catch your information when you get on the web. Try not to do any banking or shopping on an open Wi-Fi set-up; programmers can swipe the number of your account or other money related data.
  9. Install an antivirus application in your phone.

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