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Bring me back my Zainab

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#IAmYourDaughter #JusticeForZainab Bring me back my Zainab....! #ZATalks

I am lost for words, heart bleeding the tears of shame and disgust. Can not even imagine or feel 0.001% of the pain and sorrow of that mother amd father. Writting this gives me immense pain and shivers run across my body. I cry inside with tears of pain.

As a father of two daughters, I opened up my facebook to find another daughter of mine, a 7 year old little angel, whose name is even sacred, Zainab, mercilessly taken away for lust of an animal. An animal in shape of a disgustful human, who forgot that he was even a son of a daughter, a mother, a sister and a wife. I wish before he even touched her and all the animals who even think of touching someone's daughter, why they forget that they also came from womb of a woman....!

and Why even we need to run a social media campaign or a justice call. Where are the so called leaders and judges and politicians and the ones in Power... Remember the day, when Hazrat Umar R.A. said "even if a Dog dies, I will be responsible".... and we have countless lives taken aways due to lust of a few, power of a few and the VIPs whose children find it sweet to just hunt and kill the poor and then breakaway from jails... where is Justice. Where are those in Power... ?

Shame on all of us, shame on us to NOT stand up for the countless daughters and sisters, innocent children & poor humans and everyone who is oppressed by the Nasha'aa of someone's money and power.

It disgusts me that to even claim justice for a little 7 year old angel, we have to persuade the authorities and move the people in power. #AakhirKabTaak

To everyone out there, YOU ALL came from a WOMB of a woman, who was someone's daughter, someone's sister, someone's wife and Your Mother. #DontBeAnAnimal

Fear for the day, when you will be standing in front of your Lord in shame and all daughters will have your neck in hand asking you... Why ?

Bring me back my Zainab.....! She was my daughter. She was your daughter. She was daughter of this Ummah. #SheWasZainab

We demand action. #HangTheAnimal in Public.

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