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ADAPTABILITY...Just Learn This One Thing First And You Will Guarantee Success For Yourself

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Adaptability. Yes, if you learn to adapt you can never fail because the only way to keep moving with changes is by adapting. The only thing constant in life is change. Everything else is secondary. People fail because they can not adapt. They have preset expectations from their efforts. When they start a task they already start to envision a result of their exact desire. The closer they get to finish their task, the closer they become to the result and if for any reason the result turns out to be opposite of what they had expected, they crumble down. Start to focus on the negative. Begin to blame everything around them including the system, the HAALAAT, the lack of opportunities...everything. Instead of taking a break, looking at matters objectively, analyzing from the perspective of "How should i make the necessary changes to deal with the situation ?" they start to force the situation to change.

Situations do not always change the first time you try them to. Many times in life you have to have several attempts from several different approaches before a situation begins to change. The change or the adaptability from within you to bring about the change in a situation has to be initiated from within you first.

Learn, unlearn and relearn is the foundation of adaptability. It is the most frustrating process but the results are the most fruitful. If you learn to adapt you have learned the secret of success. Literally the secret of success to me is adaptability. Before 2009, i had never worked a day in corporate environment in my entire life in Pakistan. Never owned a business, never had a job, never closed a deal in Pakistan before. All my experience was overseas. Specially in the most efficient markets in the world. Where professionalism and intelligence was appreciated instead of contacts and knowing politicians. I was in a state of shock when i tried to make even a penny in Pakistan. I started a construction business, it failed because i refused to over bill. I started a consultancy business, it failed because i refused to kiss butts of the CEOs of certain companies. It was the most frustrating time, those 12 months of my life. I refused 2 Chairmanships of brokerage houses, one advisory of an investment bank because i realized that i could make no change in the way things run here. The only way to make a positive change was to slowly and slowly make my way into education field. Education in capital markets. I adapted. I waited. I remained consistent with the change.

I unlearned what i had learned in order to relearn what i needed to learn in order to move ahead. So much so that i did not even know the local capital markets lingo in Urdu. I did not know what BHAATA, was. Badlaa was. Laao was. Maal Churwaana was. I had to first learn the lingo like a child. Instead of shying away or having an ego, i asked the same people who were learning the markets from me to teach me the "Local Market Lingo"... They laughed, i smiled. But the end result was that we all benefited, they taught me the lingo, i taught them the markets.

The best thing about the future is that it does not come suddenly. It comes one day at a time. And since it comes one day at a time, you can adapt to the future one day at a time. Until a day comes that you and the future become one and inseparable. That is the day you have arrived. And when you arrive, always arrive in style and surprise others

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