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What if we completely replaces water with all the drink? 

What would happens with our bodies than ? 

Chris bailey a popular blogger and a lecturer describes some incredible things regarding water

#9 you loose weight faster : no special diet is required , replaces water for 9 days you will loose equal amount of water as per jogging 9KM/DAY .wow it seems great without such efforts , isn’t it ?
#8 you speed up your metabolism: and it turn , raises your energy level , drinking 17FL OZ. water in the morning increases your metabolism upto 24% , you will results very soon ! 
#7 your brain workes better : your brain is 75%-85% water, nothing else just water , by drinking you will feel concentrate , drinking water more frequently will energize you even late  in evening! Doesn’t it sound like a dream ? 
#6  you eat less : water supresses appitette which will ultimately loose weight , sometimes we have a thurst of high calories , may be all you need is just a glass of water ! try it out next time when you will hungry , it really works ! 
#5  your body excretes toxin faster : water washes out harmful substances , preventing aging. Want to look fresh and young ? drink a glass of water right now ! 
#4 water lower the risk of many diseases : hypertension , liver , heart , brain etc etc . want to avoid wasting money on doctors ? just drink more water !
#3 your heart works better : yes it’s s true fact , 5 glasses of water a day lowers the risk of water by 41% , so what are you waiting for ? have a glass of water immediately and stay healthy!
#2  your skin become softer and cleaner : water clears and moisten your skin. After drinking water few days you will fall in love with your skin again. 
#1 you save a lot of money : how much money do you spend on coffee-to-go ? 

Uptake of water is much more  better than that of other drinks ! 

Think about it 

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