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6 Top Innovation Nation Pakistan

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6 Top #InnovationNationPakistan thinking paradigms to inculcate and practise, to get outsized results, whether one is a startup, a corporate, or the government:

#1 Human Centric Design: Ask the customer, think freely, redesign lest you deliver products the customer does not like or want. Here a self-facilitated, mock design workshop at Ignite - National Technology Fund.

#2 Lean Startup: Experiment, validate, iterate in case you develop long and then deliver something that that the customer does not like or want

#3 Innovative Thinking: Drill down to root problems, strip away notions that appear immutable, and surf trends to deliver exponential results rather than ill-thought out, me-too apps

#4 OKR: Align quantifiable quarterly results with longer term outcomes to execute strategies with a rhythm rather than meandering down rabbit holes

#5 Create a workplace architecture that inspires, particularly when you strive to create a new culture at odds with a cynical, rent-seeking world outside

and most important ...

#6 Create a culture of energy and empowerment where people are trusted and follow their passions, else you will become a bottleneck at the top curbing creative flow, initiative and outcomes. To become a leader, become a coach, groom leaders.

By : Yousuf Hussain

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