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13 Years Old Rapist Boy

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Three 12-13 year old boys caught red-handed while trying to gang rape a 9 year old girl who was abducted from Soldier Bazaar Karachi in broad daylight and forcefully taken to a house nearby. First of all I couldn't believe of this happening but unfortunately beyond our imagination these children have gang raped a girl. In a time, when Nation is witnessing historic moments of House of Senate being resided by the political prostitues getting sold against the highest bidder, meanwhile we have to welcome a sexually frustrated generation getting nourished in the lap of lust and adultery.

I swear this wasn't the Pakistan for which Iqbal dreamed of and Jinnah (RA) strived for. This is not the Pakistan for which thousands of Muslims sacrificed their blood. This country was suppose to defend the interests of Muslim Ummah all over the world but we're in a situation where we can't even defend our innocent daughters from sexual predators. We were supposed to be one of the best Nations based on esteemed moral values and judicious system but we have left behind Nation of Loot (AS) in terms of adultery and Nation of Shoaib (AS) in terms of corruption.

This isn't just one incident. There are countless chapters with endless ferocious stories signifying ugly brutal face of morally dead Zinda Qom which is not even serious to consider Rape as one massive problem. We have to accept with an open heart that we have miserably failed in passing a good life to coming generations. The historians will write in black words with grief "There existed a Nation whose children were sexual predators". What productivity you can expect from a Nation who is producing 13 years old rapists. There exist a Jannah under mother's feet. But what about the mothers creating such child rapists and those who are miserably failed in nourishing their children. 
Mehran Saeed

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