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10 Mysterious Ancient Monuments

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People lived thousands of years before us and created building which to this day are a source of amazement and mystery. These buildings have such complexed yet striking structures that scientists, archeologists and researchers have been awed studying them looking for answers that who, why and how did the people at that time built these mesmerizing structures. Still unsolved mysteries, there are different kinds that exist.


Let’s dig in deep to touch these prehistoric secrets which once were a dominion of people from a different time.

Stonehenge, England



According to a myth, the Stonehenge was constructed by the magician Marlin. In reality, Stonehenge was there way before the supposed time of King Arthur’s companion. But what strikes all is that how did people transfer such heavy stones from the quarry being so many kilometers away? And why was the construction done, even this is not very clear. Was it made to use as an observatory site or a reservation, the reason might never be known.


Baalbek, Lebanon


A temple collaborative, Baalbek in Lebanon is a pearl, now in ruins which was once an affluent city. The remarkable thing to consider is that Romans at that time didn’t have such techy gears that could put blocks which weighed over 1000 tons (the ones at the bottom). Just for your information, the Athenian Parthenon is only half as big as the Baalbek. Whereas, the Great Pyramid’s largest block only weighs 90 tons.


Newgrange, Ireland


Although this historical artifact was discovered in the seventeenth century by road builders, the only research on this mysterious monument started three eras later. The diggings revealed that the monument was perfectly round with a nice diameter and more old than the Egyptians pyramids. Afterwards, researchers found a tomb too. If you happen to go to Newgrange in the Solstice (an astronomical event that occurs twice each year), you will see a real astral marvel, a ray of light slowly fills the whole room. Per the Irish superstitions, this place is the entry to the world of pyxies and fairies.


Dolmens of North Caucasus, Russia


On the mountains of North Caucasus stands small houses built of level stones. These houses have holes on the frontages, don’t know given for what reason. The astonishing thing is that the plates of Dolmens whose weight is enormous, fits so perfectly that there is not even place for a blade of knife to fit in. And the age these structures goes over 5000 years.


Tikal, Guatemala


One of the biggest settlements of Maya is hidden in the lime jungle. Inside, you’d find a place for a ball game, palaces and artificial ponds. Special interest is given to pyramids, making town squares. These are built in patterns relating to their different phases of development. There are many philosophies about their purposes in research centers, religious buildings, graveyards etc. The meaning of the name ‘Tikal’ is also uncertain. There is also a nickname of it, The City of Voices, a whisper too is heard in echoes.


Petra, Jordan


The 900 meters high monument lies hidden in the rocks, above sea level. Digging this site required a lot of patience. There at the end Siq canyon is an amazing view frontage with pillars and porches - Al-Khazneh (’treasury’ in Arabic). The monument is said to be a mausoleum or temple. What is astounding being that how the place could be carved, especially if there wasn’t any framework!


Stone spheres of Costa Rica


The ancient petrospheres in the Pacific coast were near to become a victim of defacement! The people who found these thought that there was gold concealed inside. They were put in city squares to attract tourists. Some believed they came out of water, but this did not turn worthwhile. The mystery still surrounds, what are these spheres? Border signs or symbols of planets? They exist without evidence.


Terracotta Army, China


The mausoleum of Qin Shin has over 8000 statues of Chinese soldiers and horses. It wasn’t a tradition but these statues were buried with the governor. The utmost surprising thing about these statues is that they are a handmade army, made 200 BC, human sized, carved with the smallest details possible and no two warriors’ faces are identical! The excavations took place in 1970, handling them very carefully. Per a legend, rivers of mercury had to escort the governor in the hereafter.


The Easter Island Statues, Chile


The monolithic gigantic human figures stand next to the Pacific Ocean. There are signs that they were transferred from one place to another. Another surprising fact is that ritual stands are heftier than the idols. The descendants of these died a long time along, thus no one could shed light to how these statues were moved. But looking at these silent figures, one can solve the secrecies of the island.


Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt


The biggest mystery to have ever existed is about the colossal which exists in the desert’s middle. The belief was that this work was done by the pharaohs. Only the Sphinx was restored, the body, of that a lion is covered with markings. These markings depict that a Great Flood took over the place. One peculiar thing is that the head openly denies the proportions. Moreover, it is believed that there are rooms under the giant statue. Attempts have been made to study them but ended in vain, resulting in accidents or restrictions imposed from the establishments. Does this mean that this Sphinx is the protector of desert, does it hold secret knowledge, perhaps about the depressed Atlantis?


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